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Sochie Cucina Foods is a meat-processing company established in 2012. Initially registered as Sochie’s Best Foods (SB Foods), its roots began in 1993 as a backyard business. The founder, Sochie, as she is fondly called, started the company’s early years as a means to provide an additional source of income for her newly-founded family. The company started from selling piecemeal goods akin to traditional Filipino sari-sari stores, to selling hamburger sandwiches within the neighborhood at the height of the late Filipino broadcaster, Ernie Baron’s, expanding fanbase following. The business then grew to manufacture and sell processed meat products to wet markets, selected distributors and schools across Metro Manila with burger patties as its flagship merchandise. 

With almost twenty-nine (29) years of experience in the food business, SB Foods was vital in the establishment of the present company. To date, Sochie Cucina Foods has expanded to include other frozen processed meat goods in its current product line-up such as hams, longganisa, sausages, and bacon.



Sochie Cucina Foods represents an empowered woman and nurturing mother who initially started the business from scratch, for the love of her growing family. It also represents an individual who has a zeal for making affordable, high quality food, with the continuous application of innovation in the food-processing industry. 

Additionally, the people comprising Sochie Cucina Foods are resilient, passionate, and are constantly wiling to learn for the improvement of each product made.


To provide our clientele with quality and affordable processed meat products considered as staple in every Filipino household; and to continuously improve and develop our production processes for the ultimate goal of delivering the best products to our patrons.


Sochie Cucina Foods aspires to be recognized for its quality and affordable processed meat products. We strive for continued product development in pursuit of excellence and innovation, all geared towards client satisfaction.


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141 Bonifacio Street

Area I-A Veterans Village

Barangay Pasong Tamo

Quezon City 1107


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141 Bonifacio Avenue
Pasong Tamo
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