Sochie Cucina Foods Launches Its Revamped Website With Prosperna

Sochie Cucina Foods is proud to announce the launch of its revamped website at sochiecucinafoodsinc.com, through a partnership with the eCommerce technology company, Prosperna

The newly-improved website features a wide array of frozen processed meat goods that Sochie Cucina Foods is known for, from their flagship burger patties to their expanded product line of Filipino staples such as hams, longganisa, sausages, and bacon. Visitors can also enjoy holiday bestsellers, Chicken Relleno, Sochie’s Feast Ham, Pear-Shaped Ham, and Jamon De Bola.

With the launch of the company’s revamped website, customers can expect the ease and convenience of having their food delivered straight to their homes at their preferred date and time. Sochie Cucina Foods is now a one-stop-shop for its quality and affordable processed meat products, recommended for families who love to bond over a good hearty meal. 


Sochie Cucina Foods is on a mission to deliver only the best products through continued excellence, development, and innovation.

The company’s best-selling frozen meat products are more accessible to Filipinos, with the help of Prosperna’s myStore Online Store Builder. Sochie Cucina Foods is ready to accept orders on its fully-functional website that is faster and more affordable than other services. 


Sochie Cucina Foods’ website functions for both marketing and selling purposes, designed with the latest practices and modern aesthetics. It highlights functionality, easy access, and the essential information to help customers order online and create a fully-contactless transaction for their convenience.

The features of the company’s website, powered by Prosperna, includes:

  • Products Page featuring products, with filters to help narrow down searches;

  • Secure Digital Payments via PayMongo; and 

  • Delivery Providers powered by Lalamove, to accept and fulfill orders online.

You can now shop at Sochie Cucina Foods anytime, anywhere!

For any suggestions, questions, or comments, you can reach us on our website. Or shop now to see our catalog.


Sochie Cucina Foods is a meat-processing company established in 2012. Initially registered as Sochie’s Best Foods, its roots began in 1993 as a backyard business. With over twenty-eight (28) years of experience in the food industry, Sochie Cucina Foods continues to provide quality and affordable processed meat products.

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