Sochie Cucina Foods practices proper waste segregation and supports plastic recycling

Sochie Cucina Foods strongly advocates for sustainable and environmental-friendly practices such as proper waste segregation and minimizing its plastic litter.

The company donates its plastic wastes to Green Antz Builders, for the production of eco-bricks, and to The Plaf, for the production of eco-lumbers. Eco-bricks are alternative hollow blocks mixed with plastic wastes that are stronger and have better thermal insulation than a conventional concrete block. On the other hand, eco-lumbers are alternative planks also made from recycled plastics. 

Both recycling companies have various drop-off, collection points located around Metro Manila. For more information on how to donate your plastic wastes to Green Antz Builders and The Plaf, check out their respective websites, http://www.greenantz.com and https://www.theplaf.com and their appropriate Facebook pages, https://www.facebook.com/GreenAntzBuilders and https://www.facebook.com/theplaf 

And to our dear clients, Sochie Cucina Foods highly encourages you to please segregate and dispose your wastes properly. Let’s continuously support environmental-friendly programs initiated by both private organizations and public agencies. Similar green practices and programs can also start in your own homes and communities. 

Initiatives, no matter how small, go a long way in helping our environment and addressing plastic pollution.

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